Oh, I see what you did there!

I get up early. 6 AM early. Which means that in winter I’ll be going to work while it’s still dark and deserted outside. I don’t dislike this because it gives me some time to ponder on recent affairs whitout much outside noise and interference. Of course sometimes I would rather wake up at 10 AM but alas, everyone got to eat.

I don’t take the car to work. Instead I go by train (actually I have to catch two trains, but for this story we’ll only need the first one), which mean I go on foot ’till the train station, crossing an abandoned field and a supermarket parking lot to get there. Which as I previously mentioned is completly deserted that early in the morning.

Today, as in every other work day I got up, got dressed and went to work. As I was crossing the field I started thinking about Ma’at and Isfet and the shopping cart theory because I’m still mulling over those two posts (here and here ) that caused a lot of discussion over the pagan blogosphere last week. If you roam around the online pagandom you’ll know what I mean.

Anwyays, so there I was thinking about that stuff and how I felt about it all, deciding that well yeah, I did like the shopping cart theory/example a lot. And while I was thinking I got into the parking lot and lo and behold a single shopping cart is standing right in my way. Why does this matter to me? Because I’ve been taking this route to work for almost 2 years now and I never EVER saw a shopping cart that wasn’t in its proper place.

So, I smiled and tucked the shopping cart away.

I don’t know what this means exactly and it doesn’t have to have a profound meaning to anyone, nor do I mean that the shopping cart theory is the right one.

It just made me smile and think that maybe someone out there was eavesdropping on my thoughts.
Syncronicities like that give me hope.


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